Amazon Targets Businesses With Voice Activated Digital Assistants

16th January 2018

Amazon with its best-selling digital voice assistant now has its sights set on a role for Alexa in the workplace with its plans to launch Alexa for Business.

For many home-based / small businesses, having an Amazon Echo around as part of the day’s organising / calendar scheduling and basic entertainment and information functions is becoming an increasingly common thing.

Tech commentators have noted that voice-activated digital assistants such as Amazon Echo are suited to workplace roles and specific tasks such as facilitating and activating conference calls, booking meeting rooms, reporting IT issues, providing directions around a building, answering questions about the business or even ordering new office supplies.

It is anticipated that the new Alexa for Business could be used by employees on their own personal devices to make calls, manage calendars, run to-do lists, set reminders, and to locate information stored in third-party corporate applications e.g. Salesforce, Concur or Splunk, and Microsoft Exchange. Business users could also pair their private accounts with their organisation’s Alexa for Business account.