Cyber Attackers

11th October 2017

Cyber attackers are becoming ever-more sophisticated in their attack methods, using the latest technologies, multi-layered attacks, and the use of social engineering. Ransomware is a popular tool because it is often relatively cheap to create and use, it can spread easily (like WannaCry), the attackers can remain anonymous, and it yields the main motivation for many attacks – financial gain. It stands to reason that CSPs would make an ideal target because of the huge amount of data from many companies that is stored with them.

For individual UK businesses and other organisations, it’s a case of always being on the lookout for suspicious emails and updates, keeping security software up to date and regularly backing up critical data. With GDPR due to come into force in May, there is an even greater motivation to pay attention to data and Internet security, and there is a danger and false economy of staying with old operating systems as long as possible.

In order to provide maximum protection against prevalent and varied threats this coming year, businesses should adopt multi-layered security solutions. Businesses should accept that there is a real likelihood that they will be targeted and therefore prepare for this by implementing the most up to date security solutions, virtual patching and education of employees in order to mitigate risks from as many angles (‘vectors’) as possible.

Having workable and well-communicated Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans in place is now also an important requirement.