Tech Tip – How To Use ChatGPT As A Collaborative Brainstorming Tool

21st June 2023

If you’re working alone but need to brainstorm, you can use ChatGPT as an effective collaborative brainstorming tool, inspiring innovative thinking and generating fresh insights. Here’s how:

– Set the Context: Open ChatGPT, set ‘New chat’ and introduce the brainstorming topic or challenge.

– Engage in Dialogue: Start a conversation with ChatGPT about the topic.

– Encourage Divergent ‘Thinking’: Ask open-ended questions to generate a range of ideas.

– Prompt for Specific Inputs: Provide clear instructions for focused idea generation.

– Explore Generated Responses: Review and extract promising ideas.

– Iterate and Refine: Have a back-and-forth conversation to build upon ideas.

– Document and Evaluate: Keep track of the most promising ideas (ChatGPT stored your chats anyway).

– Combine Human and AI Creativity: Blend ChatGPT’s ideas with your own insights.

– Validate and Implement: Select the most promising ideas and develop an action plan.