The Smallest Windows 10 Update Has More Problems Than You Could Handle

26th November 2019

Microsoft wanted to change the way it delivers updates to its consumers. So, moving along the same lines, the smaller-sized November 2019 Update was released which contains not much more than performance improvements.

Many thought the latest update wouldn’t see the same fate as the previous ones. As you might know, Microsoft has pushed several feature updates in the past to fix compatibility issues that break people’s machines.

But it seems the tiny footprint of the November Update doesn’t seem to help much in this case. The list of the problems and bugs related to the November 2019 Update has started to increase.

First, we saw Redmond holding the update rollout for the several machines running Realtek Bluetooth drivers, suggesting the users to update their drivers first.

The compatibility issues also didn’t spare the users of Avast And AVG antivirus software (running version 19.5.4444.567 or below). As a result, Windows 10 1909 update was blocked, and affected users were prompted to upgrade their Avast and AVG installations to the latest version.

Microsoft imposed such compatibility blocks on machines running certain Qualcomm WiFi drivers as well. Here also Microsoft recommended updating them as the affected drivers “might result in loss of WiFi connectivity after updating to a newer version of Windows 10.”

The case of broken search bar

The latest issue added to the mess is the broken search bar in the File Explorer on machines running the 19H2 update. Various users have reported (via TechRadar) that the search bar takes an “abnormally large amount of time” to become responsive after they click it.

One possible workaround for it to work is force restarting the File Explorer process. For those who don’t know, Microsoft has made big changes to the file explorer search bar, and the Windows Search now powers it. This allows the search bar to go through the files in OneDrive as well when the user initiates a query. The recent change could possibly be behind such behavior of the search bar.

A user notes that the said bug only appears after the installation of KB4517245, i.e., the enablement package that Microsoft is using to convert Windows 10 1903 into 1909.

This adds to the bug-ridden Windows Updates that Microsoft releases almost every year. Let’s hope that Microsoft fixes all the issues as soon as possible.

Anyway,19H2 could be the first, and the last time we might see such a small Windows 10 feature update.

Microsoft said during a Mixer discussion that the enablement package and rollout of the 19H2 feature update via a cumulative update was a pilot that the company was running. They have no formal plans to do the same in the future unless the plans change.

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