About Us

Gray IT have been in the industry since 1996 working with individuals, small businesses and corporate networks. We provide first class service and support for all your IT needs from hardware and software support to cloud solutions.

Our Services

  • Cloud & Hosted Services

    Cloud & Hosted Services

    Gray IT can provide cloud based solutions for your email, data storage, server and backup.

  • IT Consultancy

    IT Consultancy

    Gray IT can audit, analyse and recommend best solutions for your IT infrastructure.

  • IT Contracts

    IT Contracts

    Gray IT take the stress out of IT issues with one of our all inclusive service contracts.

  • Network Security

    Cyber Security

    Gray IT can help you with network, email and web security, and anti-virus installation and monitoring.

  • Telecoms


    Gray IT offers independent telecoms and audit consultancy working alongside the major communications providers.

  • Finance


    Gray IT can help spread the cost of your equipment, utilise tax allowances and save cash flow for your business.

  • Backup

    Cloud Backup

    Gray IT offer cloud backup solutions to enable you to move important data such as corporate documents, data backups or archives off-premises.

  • GDPR Auditing

    GDPR Auditing

    Gray IT can assess your organisation for GDPR readiness.