• Featured Article : Currys, Accenture, Microsoft & New ‘GPT-4o’

    15th May 2024

    International omnichannel retailer of technology products and services, Currys, has selected Accenture and Microsoft to deliver the core cloud technology infrastructure that will enable it to leverage the latest generative AI technologies. Accenture?  Accenture is...

  • Tech Insight : What Are ‘Deadbots’?

    15th May 2024

    Following warnings by ethicists at Cambridge University that AI chatbots made to simulate the personalities of deceased loved ones could be used to spam family and friends, we take a look at the subject of...

  • Tech News : OpenAI To Boost Training With Stack Overflow Data

    15th May 2024

    A partnership deal between OpenAI and Stack Overflow (the question-and-answer website for programmers and developers) will see the Stack overflow Q&A data used to train and improve AI model performance, potentially benefitting developers who use...

  • Tech News : Wales Has Put A SOC In It

    15th May 2024

    The UK’s first national security operations centre (SOC) known as CymruSOC, has launched in Wales to protect the country’s local authorities and fire and rescue services from cyber-attacks. SOC  The Welsh government has announced that the new...

  • Video Update : New : ChatGPT Memory Features

    15th May 2024

    This video-update explains how you can add ‘memory’ to ChatGPT to make your experience more personalised and useful … https://videovault.vip/videos/social/2024-May-ChatGPT-memory-features.mp4

  • Tech Insight : New UK Law To Eradicate Weak Passwords

    8th May 2024

    Here we look at the new UK cybersecurity law that will ban device manufacturers from having weak, easily guessable default passwords, thereby providing extra protection against hacking and cyber-attacks. The Problem  With 99 per cent...