While business continuity can’t prevent ransomware from attacking, it can prevent it from succeeding!
When it comes but ransomware its not a matter of IF, but when…….

Know Your Enemy: Live WannaCry Infection & Recovery Demo

Cloud backup solutions enable you to move important data such as corporate documents, data backups or archives off-premise, and enhance Disaster Recovery. Your data is stored in a highly available distributed fashion, allowing you to always have access. You can also take advantage of pay as you grow, giving you the ability to add or remove capacity as needed.

For most of us, the use of IT systems is becoming more and more common place and saving business data on a PC or server is a daily occurrence. Having just one copy of business critical information such as accounts, contacts, invoices and important documents poses a risk.

Data backup is not optional; it is essential and is key to any business continuity plan. We appreciate just how important your company information and records are to your business and can help you ensure the safety of your data from fire, flood, corruption or plain human error.

Our online data backup system alleviates the time and maintenance costs associated with older solutions such as tape backup. It also increases security of the information, storing your data offsite in an encrypted format at our two high security data centres in the UK. Encryption and password protection are applied to all accounts as standard, using the highest levels of data protection.

Our Cloud based backup and storage solutions ensure flexible, powerful and total protection against data loss. When disaster strikes, we will get you up and running again, quickly and simply.

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